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Lord Shaneshwar

On the occasion of Shani jayanti shaneswar sansthan has arranged Navagraha shanti, Shani shanti, Shani sadesati and Aishwarya siddhi Mahayagya. All devotes are welcomed to shaneswar sansthan (Shani mandir) to take the blessings of Lord Shanidev.

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About Us

We have read that Pundhalik , with his devotion , was able to bring the presence of Bhagwan Pandurang at Pandharpur. Now in 21st century, Gururaj Omkar Maharaj has created history with his extreme faith and devotion, by bringing the presence of Lord Shaneswar Know More...


At Shaneshwar Sansthan, Dombivli, Abhishek, Navgraha Shaanthi, Shani Shaanthi, Shani Saadesathi, Aishwarya Siddhi Mahayagya and all types of religious rites are conducted at fair and reasonable rates. Devotees can take advantage of these facilities Know More...


On 1st of May 2008, Gururaj Omkar Mahraj organized a huge rally from Shaneshwar Sansthan to Shani Shignapur. Thousands of devotees with their vehicles took part in this rally. They got a grand welcome by the trust at Shani Shignapur Know More...

About Lord Shaneshwar Shani Dev has that power to transform a king into a pauper, and a pauper into a king, within the flash of a second.

Pograms will be organized:Shani Shanti - Shani Sadesati - Aishwaryasiddhi Mahayagya - Navgraha shanti - Maha Abhishek Interested devotees can contact.